Grammer Guitar
The history on this guitar ...
Danny's Dad (Sonny Patterson) was given a Grammer guitar years ago by Billy Grammer (roughly 1962 or
1963).  One day (about a year or two later) Sonny noticed the neck of the guitar was warped and he had to
send the guitar back to the factory for the repair.  What happened then was they (the factory) sent Sonny this
guitar with a Dearmond acoustic pickup mounted in the sound hole.  Sonny said the guitar had a slight color
tint-type fade finish around the edges of this guitar but over the years that finish has pretty much went away.  
Danny does remember his Dad playing this guitar exclusively ever since he (Danny) was born all the way up
until around late 1988 / early 1989 (15+ years).  After Sonny got an electric guitar to replace the Grammer,
this guitar was not used much except for some acoustic playing around the house.
Around 2000 this guitar was placed in "retirement".

Danny is the owner of this guitar now these days and has thought about getting the guitar back into playing
condition (mostly get the fretboard reworked).