Grace Worship
Track List:

1) My Savior Lives
2) Everyone
3) The Lord Reigns
4) Here In Your Presence
5) King Of All Glory
6) Real
7) Hosanna
8) New Hallelujah
9) Only One For Me
10) You'll Come
11) Sing To The Lord
12) Everlasting God
* DVD only (in Special Features): Christmas Eve / Sarajevo 12/24

Musicians / Singers
Phyllis Burton: Praise Team Vocals
Alexandra Capelo: Praise Choir
Brenda Flores: Praise Choir
Darrell Freitas: Praise Team Vocals
Stephanie Freitas: Praise Team Vocals
Melissa Hamm: Praise Choir
Charles Hamm: Praise Choir
Ken Harvey: Trombone
Cathy Johnson: Praise Choir
Sammy Jo Johnson: Praise Team Vocals
Stephen Matthews: Bass
Mark McCurdy: Keys / Praise Team Vocals
Katie McKnight: Praise Team Vocals
Sean McKnight: Acoustic Guitar
Mark Napier: Praise Team Vocals
Danny Patterson: Drums
Rob Roberts: Percussion
Laura Sands: Praise Team Vocals
Shelli Santin: Praise Choir
Paula Spencer: Praise Choir
Bobby Sumner: Trumpet
Bobby Thompson: Electric Guitar / Praise Team Vocals
Shannon Thompson: Praise Team Vocals
Chris Thurman: Acoustic Guitar
Sabrina Woolsey: Praise Choir
David Wright: Praise Choir

Recorded at: Grace Family Church
Mixed and Mastered at: Bristol Fashion Studios
Mixing Engineeres: Mark McCurdy & Bobby Thompson
Worship Pastor / Executive Producer: Mark McCurdy

Recorded between 10/5/2008 and 5/3/2009