"The Adventure of the Walrus and the Toad"
Track List:

1) Intro.  
(Danny Patterson, Larry Lewis Moon & David Weaver)
2) Rebirth  (Larry Lewis Moon)
3) <?>  (Larry Lewis Moon)
4) The House On The Hill  (Danny Patterson)
5) Walrus and the Toad  (Larry Lewis Moon)
6) The Raft  (Danny Patterson)
7) Feelings of Music  (Danny Patterson)
8) Dark Cavern  (Larry Lewis Moon)
9) Cave 1  (Danny Patterson)
10) Cave 2  (Danny Patterson)
11) Cave 3  (Danny Patterson)
12) Monolith  (Larry Lewis Moon)
13) The Natives  (Danny Patterson)
14) The Fight  (Danny Patterson)
15) Ramoo and the Elders  (Larry Lewis Moon)
16) Flying Eagle  (Danny Patterson)
17) Hobble Wobble Spirit Folk  (Larry Lewis Moon)
18) Mountain Range  (Larry Lewis Moon)
19) Jourrney Home  (Danny Patterson)
20) Indian Summer  (Danny Patterson)
21) Nilodnam  (Danny Patterson)
22) Contemplation  (Danny Patterson)
23) (The Adventures of) The Walrus and the Toad  (Danny Patterson)

Tracks 4, 6-7, 9-11, 13-14, 16, 19-23 mixed, performed, produced & written by Danny Patterson
Danny's tracks (c) GIS Music 1992-2008

Track 1: Danny Patterson = music; David Weaver = lyrics/vocals; Larry Lewis Moon = FX/mix/input

CD Produced by David L Weaver
CD Artwork by David L Weaver